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Andrea & Olie

Wedding Photography is more than turning up an shooting, wedding photography is receiving a warm hug from the groom at 4:00 AM. I have to say I was overwhelmed when Andrea got in touch with me and asked me to shoot their wedding, her actual words being: “We were wondering whether you’d also be interested to take pictures at our wedding which will take place in Zurich“. Well yes, I was interested, really interested.
Time passed and it was time for me to travel to Zurich, my first wedding outside of Greece and I was really excited. From the first seconds I met Andrea & Olie I felt really welcomed, the three of us in the car having nice discussions scouting for locations for the next day. There was a school next to their house, big and bold architecture which offered an excellent location for their portrait session.
The wedding took place in the Town of Zurich, friends and family gathered to witness the touching ceremony. After a short celebration we headed to the school for the shooting. The weather was really good so we walked around the school shooting along the way. Time passed and the sky got dark, it was time for the PARTY. Sounds of Africa welcoming the guests in this amazingly decorated location. It was not that long before we were all dancing and hugging.


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