Michalis Angelopoulos Photography


The Love Mafia


Eleni & Charis


There was a storm that day. There were thunders and lightnings all over Athens. Excitement and happiness was everywhere, nothing was going to spoil their day. The focus was on love, just as it should be. As we headed to the church the sky turned lighter and soon enough it stopped raining. The light felt heavy and diffused. It was romantic. The anticipation was sky high. Love was in the air! The guests had made a small path for Eleni to walk through, everyone wanted to see, to feel, everyone was so emotional. A band started playing the guitars, nothing could be more ideal, the song? Oasis - Wonderwall. The next moments were as if from a movie. Eleni is walking down this little path with her father and brother, tears in her eyes, oasis in the background, I couldn't hold back my tears myself. Charis could now see his beautiful, stunning wife to be slowly coming his way. As soon as they were close enough they hugged, but that wasn't a normal hug, that was becoming one forever. For them time had stopped and all the sounds were muted, all they could hear was their hearts beating louder than ever. After the lovely ceremony we went around the venue, took some amazing shots and couldn't stop laughing. It happened, they were now husband and wife ready to dance and be with family and friends. 

You guys will always be in my heart, I love you! 


Michalis Angelopoulos